Responsive design

Synonyms: responsive, responsive web design, RWD, responsive computer-aided design, RCAD, tableless web design, flexible design

Responsive design is an approach to design that makes content render well and adjusts smoothly on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes to ensure usability and satisfaction.




"responsive heart"


Overall, responsive design is a powerful and economical approach, but its “easy” nature is deceptive. You can still run into difficulties if you use it without caution. With adaptability, an aggressive approach is often used to remove unnecessary (redundant) on certain devices. The successful designer must learn how to be merciless in this regard while still being strategic about what stays and what goes which leads to a lot of mistakes:

  1. Problem with advertisement formats
  2. Typically longer load times on mobile devices
  3. Less control over design’s screen sizes
  4. More complicated front-end code required to scale content
  5. Elements can shift of their own

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