What Is Content Design?

When we talk about how to build effective interactions with our users, we want to mention the content. Content is the king, someone said, and we agree. That is why: content design helps to achieve the brand’s and user’s goals in the most effective ways. But never forget that without a quality web design your content part is never strong enough to compete. So let’s find out what the content design is, who the content designers are, and what they do.


What Is Content Design

Content design is the process of structuring the content that helps the brand and its users to achieve their goals.


Content design helps us to structure all the content in a way that serves the user's needs the best. So he will find all the important information, and the interaction with your website will be comfortable for him. But the thing is, you can never win with only the good content because the functionality is the first. Users won’t use your website if its functionality is “limping” even if the content was designed well. Never forget that.


Main Principles Of Content Design

Now let’s talk about content design principles to understand them better. 

Create design not copy

Designing is different from copying through research. When we design our content, it is always based on research. When we copy … Well, we just copy. So it can be expert research or mixed research, or any different type of research that helps to understand users’ needs.


An Italian restaurant website provides information on the cuisine, menu, and information on how to get to the restaurant. Why is this info? Because this information is relevant for the website users. They need it, so they can find it on your website. If you miss important information for the user, it can make his interactions with the website harder. So it will frustrate him. Research to build a strong foundation for the content, then structure the content and build a design based on the quality content.


User’s needs go first

Content design is all about users’ needs. It is called up to create a great user experience. People should enjoy the time they spend using your product. Otherwise, they can choose something else. When we structure our content in a way that helps users find what they want fast and effortlessly, they will come back again and again. No one will spend time on a product that frustrates him. So make your content functional. Create a content design.

Avoid duplications

The content design allows avoiding the duplication of content. That is why content designers use different tools that help to build strong content. Also, it helps to avoid pessimization and to improve SEO. We will talk about these tools in our next article.


Update the content

Content designers work constantly on their content “projects”. It means that they always check the information, and change it or update if it is needed. Content design is called up to supply fresh content that maintains the whole web design.



Content design is not about writing. It is about creating the best user experience through the content. So the process of designing the content includes the collaboration of different specialists. Content designers work with the UX team, PR team, marketing, service design, engineers, and even with the brand to find the best solution for users. Content design is the space where people work together.


Simple and effective

Content design is called up to make the interactions between our website and users simple, fast, and effective.

Who Are Content Designers

Content designers are specialists that prove all the content with research. They are not copying but creating new forms of content based on their research in collaboration with other specialists. Content designers should understand the user’s path from the beginning to the final.


Content designers make their research to understand:


  • the user’s motivation to use the website with its content
  • what information do they need to reach their goal
  • what should the user do to reach the goal, and how much information they can digest


Why do the content designers work together with different teams? Because a content designer should understand the experience he is describing. So content designers put together different types of content (texts, images, video, 3D illustrations, etc.) to create a better user experience. To help people get what they need from the website. Content design is much more complicated than just copywriting. It is the philosophy of content. Content designers work behind the scenes and improve all the created content for the users’ needs.


Content Design and UX

Bad content can worsen the user experience. Wrong words and bad graphics can frustrate users, and they won’t use your website. There are some tips to avoid it with the help of content design.


  1. Design your content until the texts are easy to read. Include images, graphics, and other forms of content to improve user experience.
  2. Use tools to organize your content.

    For instance, CJM, Customer Journey Map, to visualize the customer’s experience. It helps to create quality content and control all the needed changes. We will talk about it in our next article.
  3. Coordinate your work with the UX team, so you know your user.
  4. Create better content around keywords.
  5. The user experience depends on valuable content. Add useful information, like tutorials, information on how to use the product, any news about the industry, etc.
    Check the UK government website, GOV.UK. You will find structured, helpful information. Well-crafted content saves the user’s time, and in this case, it seems like there is no need to check any other sources.
  6. Build a story around your brand, and tell your customers how it can help them to achieve their goals.


Your customers should understand who you are, what the brand’s values are. Do you remember Apple's story? Steve Jobs created it around the brand and caught users’ attention. Content design helps to create stories in the most effective ways.



Content design helps to improve our websites and establish effective relationships with our users. In our next article, we will talk about how to create content design and useful tools.

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