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Product Designer at Publicis Sapient

Allysa Misola

Allysa is a Product Designer based in Ontario, Canada who is passionate about human-oriented design

Keep Experimenting

My mentors taught me the words “ship it,” something that I now apply in my daily craft meaning. It means whatever you have made, put it out there! Present it! And receive all the feedback (and criticism) it collects. Now take it back, reiterate, and do it again! Nothing is ever a finished product; everything is a prototype. So, keep experimenting, keep iterating!

Maybe it’s the fine artist in me but, I believe human-oriented design is similar to creating an art piece. Both of them are a constant trial and error that requires many iterations and permanent marks that can only be relieved by other marks. Yet, each attribute is significant to the final result. It is a slow yet rewarding process.

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