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Product Designer at Amazon

Asher Blumberg

Asher is an award-winning designer currently working at Amazon who empowers creativity by evangelizing design thinking and human-centered transformation

Unlock True Transformation by Redesigning the OS

In order to harmonize with culture in your life and work, you need to redefine the operating system (OS). It's easier to talk about change than to actually make it happen. Creating a culture of freedom and equity comes with great responsibility. Culture is not only a way of being; but a way of doing. A practice that can inspire a team to do the best work of their life.

By challenging the status quo, existing dogmas of your organization, you can get beyond them and transform your company from the inside out. What working remotely this year has taught me about culture is that when you align your purpose with intention, serendipitous motivation can allow you to perform and feel your best. Maslow's hierarchy of needs points to an innate drive to fulfill our potential and self-actualize. I would take this a step further and say that co-actualization and human transformation is the future of work. We've been forced to reinvent the way we work in 2020, but it's only just the beginning.

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