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Visual Storyteller at Minddistrict

Bobby Voeten

Bobby has 10+ years of professional experience. Since 2017 he’s been a Visual Storyteller at Minddistrict and still doing some personal projects on the side

With Designing Comes Responsibility

When I was freelancing, I realized that I was more than a tool. I was more than someone being hired by a client to help convey their (branded) story into visualized content. Meaning I was telling and supporting clients’ stories.

It all came together during my final project as a freelancer. My last client was selling soda. You know, the brown sugar water we all know with the red and white label. I started to ask critical questions during the production, and I realized that I was accountable for their story. Even though that campaign was about sustainability, I’m not a fan of that brand, and that particular project was just ‘look-good-feel-good-marketing’ anyway.

That valuable insight made me realize that from that day on, I’d instead use my skills for the better - a brand or organization I feel comfortable working with, that has values that I share. Whatever you do as a creative artist: you’re responsible for the message too. You’re not only a creative passageway or a tool.

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