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Product Designer at Facebook

Chengsu Chen

Chengsu works at Facebook as a Product Designer, where she designs experiences for selected countries like India

Embrace Uncertainty

Being on a growth team in tech has not only taught me how to prioritize my work but also how to become comfortable when working in a highly ambiguous problem space. When you don’t have all the answers, you are expected to work with your team to craft intuitive solutions to complex problems.

I’ve learned to trust the process by accepting the fact that it will take time to work through ambiguity, and one technique I’ve recently adopted is taking strategic bets. The idea is to treat these decisions as having a percentage of success and being willing to accept that there’s still a chance where it may not succeed. The design process often requires us to remain open-minded and ready to make changes to our solutions if/when necessary. Don’t be afraid of uncertainty, but rather trust that you will find the right solution with time and patience.

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