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Design Lead at Appinio

Jonathan Heuser

Jonathan is responsible for the product and brand design. In his work, he is combining design with behavior change principles to positively influence and sustainably change people's behavior

Nudge People to Take the Big Leap

As designers, we have the unique talent of visualizing ideas that don't yet exist – if you can dream it, you can design it. While it is easy to design something unseen, it is much harder to turn it into reality. Sometimes it feels like it is too big a leap to be accepted as people tend to prefer things that are familiar to them and are afraid to break routines.

I like to use Raymond Loewy’s “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable” method, which says that you should make surprising things seem familiar and vice versa. To realize your dream design, nudge people believing it is something familiar by introducing it in small steps that are closer to the current status quo.

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