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Product Designer at HolidayCheck AG

Łukasz Krzemiński

Łukasz is a Product Designer with 8+ years of professional experience in all graphic design stuff. Big fan of remote work. Cooperating with companies from many different countries of the world

But First, Ask Questions

Ask questions at the beginning of each project. Ask as many questions as possible: How, when, why, for who, etc. Gathering information by asking gives a better overview, clarifies what should be done, and helps to be at the bottom of things every time. Whenever someone asks you about something - you will be well-prepared.

Basically, we can start every project very fast, with a short brief only. However, in my opinion, a better understanding of a project gives us more confidence in making decisions and introduces us as professionals who know what they are doing. So it does not matter whether you are a UX designer or UI designer - do not be afraid to ask questions.

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