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Designer at Ford Motor Company

Michael Abboreno

Michael believes products should be simple and enjoyable to use. He also believes that user experience is important to all aspects of life, both digital and physical

Design Can Be a Part of Your Everyday Life

Due to remote working, I realized that I could make UX improvements to my daily routine and life in general. I looked at myself as a user and my home as a UX project and began trying to look at how I interact with my immediate surroundings objectively. I wanted to improve and make things more efficient based on my natural patterns and how I used my home products.

It started with reorganizing my shelf of old sketchbooks and moved onto my record collection, entertainment system, then blossomed to me taking a critical eye to my whole apartment. I partially credit this "home project" to keeping me sane for all of these months working from home. It's an iterative process but a fun one.

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