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Miel Wellens

Miel is a creative innovator and a designer interested in the ROI of UX, design and innovation with an impact on both people and businesses

Show, Don’t Tell

I learned this from quite a senior designer at Philips. I was younger and saw the power of visualization in design. Since most other functions or people in a company might not be visually creative, “we as designers” can make/visualize things. Following a picture is worth a thousand words, a design is worth a thousand pictures, thus 1000 x 1000 words.

Stop talking, start doing. It easily overlaps with what we do as prototyping. And the nice thing is that as a designer, you have THAT power over a company. Once it is visualized, it is “there.” It’s more powerful than just “telling” some words. Most communication is flawed (distributed teams, different languages, asynchronous communication), so the power is to communicate through design and show “the right thing.” It’s pretty interesting. As designers, sometimes we better just shut up, build it, show it, and then people will follow.

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