Project Manager in ABC Bank

Norma Pena

Art director and lettering (calligraphy) artist applying writing skills in a variety of graphic design fields. These include logo design, identity, package design design and many more.

Favourite Thing to Debate on Medium

When it comes to job titles in the design world, it’s people’s favourite thing to debate on Medium, and I suspect also in general. I think that it’s testament to a really interesting time that we live in: UI/UX design as a career wasn’t even a real option until about 10 years ago, and product design traditionally referred to people in industrial design who designed material products.

Norma’s Daily Ui Challenge

Fast forward to today, where product designers can also refer to people like me who work in product and tech. So it’s cool that we are actually having these conversations that shape and define a new generation of professionals. Here’s my contribution to that conversation, framed as an explanation to my mom who has always been curious about what I do.