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How Do I Become a Better UI Designer?

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Design Glossary
Text Button
is a clickable text, placed outside the main text container. From the text the users learn what happens after the button is pressed. The text should be clear and laconic. Text buttons are used for secondary actions in system dialogs and content cards.
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If you ask yourself the question of how to become a better UI designer, you're already a step ahead of your competitors. Constant learning is a way to succeed in this repeatedly changing world of trends. To make sure, that the wireframe of the prototype is working well and achieving the goals of the design, it's vital to keep challenging your designer practices.

To ensure your designs are up-to-date and the whole work is sufficient, here is our short guide on the things to look out for to become a better UI designer.

Improve the Knowledge of the UI Basics

Knowing the basics of UI is essential for improving your performance. For instance, you can't create a proper App with color & fonts imbalance, and so on. Take a look at the list of UI designer basics to know:

  • Follow the principle of visual hierarchy
  • Observe negative (white) spaces
  • Make sure that colour & contrast are actually useful for the users
  • Alignment principle
  • Typography (this one is very custom)
  • Scale and composition principles.

When you feel the lack of knowledge in some of the above-mentioned basic UI principles, take a look at our Design Glossary, Interviews or Q&A. There you will find everything you need as a designer.

UI graphics and graceful animations by Clay

Practice More

The next move you can make towards being a better UI designer is to spend more time on practice. It's shouldn't be necessarily very sophisticated projects, start practicing extra hours for a month and you'll soon notice the first improvements.

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