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What Are the Best Blogs for Middle Web Designers?

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Today is hard to choose the most relevant and decent info about design. We hand-picked the hottest and coolest educational resources for middle designers.

We won't talk about Dribbble or Pinterest here. Instead, we've compiled resources recommended and read by designers around the world. There are a lot of resources, and we don't want to be poked around. To not lose all this, we recommend that you structure everything and use the Toby browser extension or other bookmarks organizer. Well, let's get started!


Smashing Magazine

  • UX & UI design
  • Web design
  • Coding
  • Graphic design
  • Cases

The resource is a website and publisher of paper and e-books that offer editable content and professional resources for web developers and web designers. Founded in 2006 by Sven Lenarz and Vitaly Friedman. You can find anything that a designer might need at Smashing Magazine. But the membership costs money:

  • Sponsor the US $3 per month
  • Member the US $5 per month
  • Smashing the US $9 per month

When you become a member, the world of possibilities is open for you: training, tutorials, cases. All you need to improve your skills.

Van Schneider Blog

  • Hot design
  • Various topics
  • Trendy

The blog is structured to quickly pick the topic and read that — no need to scroll endlessly to find something on psychology, for example. The design of the blog is trendy, where you also can get some inspiration.

UX Magazine

  • Cases
  • Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Researches

When you want to be a part of a designer's community, this resource is for you. The stress of UX Magazine is the user experience and how it affects the product. There are a lot of case studies from different niches.

They have topics on artificial intelligence, design, accessibility, visualization, and many more. There are mostly articles, but if you want to get newsletters you can subscribe and get the trend directly to your email box!

UX Booth

  • Analytics
  • Research
  • Business Design
  • Philosophy
  • Cases

UX Booth resource is the magazine for the designers who also would love to broaden the perception of the design.

If you are a writing designer, you can become a contributor and write articles for the UX Booth. Sharing ideas is what makes the resource unique and compatible with the other cool ones on design.

Studies on behavioral science are what make the paper unique as well. These help designers understand better how to present the information: text or pics, pictures or videos. Check UX Booth if you want to learn more about the inner motives of the target audience and the effect they have on the user experience.

InVision Blog

  • Teams
  • Processes
  • Remote work

Originally InVision is a UX tool. InVision blog is the place you have to visit once. The approach of the InVision blog is very informative and up-to-date: they explain how Black Lives matter movements affect the design, for example. It has a neat and user-friendly design that will make your educational process simple. If you love watching videos instead of reading articles, the InVision blog has a video section with interviews, tutorials.

With the InVision blog, you can also improve your career and get inspired.

Matchstick Blog

  • Inspirational
  • Has Guides

These guys are a branding agency that knows how to write about design. The blog is illustrated with native graphic designs, which look amazing. There they share practical advice on how to be a designer and be a better one.

Design Principles

  • A comprehensive library of cases and methods
  • Has a strong community

Design Principles is the resource where you can find more than a hundred cases, designers, and principles to apply in your design to get great work. Don't hesitate to contact this great community of engaged people.

UX Collective

  • Expert articles on UX and UI design
  • It has an unusual editor's angle

UX Collective is a blog on UX design and design methods. The blog is focused on raising awareness about design as a creator's job — the link design with psychology, social events, and politics.

Prototype Blog

  • Great fits for marketers
  • Has fabulous advice from the pros

The blog of the Prototype is focused on helping designers, managers, and other pros who deal with design find sustainable work solutions. They discuss the layouts, constructors, and other pleasures of being a designer in 2021.

Design Week

  • Different angles and topics
  • Great design context

Design Week is an educational resource for those who'd love to be aware of the world's current events. The journal puts stress on the cases and events from all over the world, which is fascinating to read when you have a wide range of interests.


  • Educational
  • Easy-to-read

Designbymix is an artist who shares the neatest designs you might see. Mohammed is a designer who is focused on identity creation and logo design. He shares the incredible scope of info in his blog, so pop round there!



  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Niches
  • How-to's

Originally, Readymag is a professional design editor. There is a newsletter at the Readymag that you can use as an educational source of inspiration.

The list is incomplete, join the Readymag community to learn more. Ah, the most important thing about the Readymag newsletter and blog – it looks stunning.


  • Nice UI
  • Has a great community

Getting occasional and cook booklets from the guys from all over the world? Booklets are a subscription where you can get the hottest designs, tips, books, and other. There are thousands of templates from different niches: marketing, design, freelance.

Browser Apps


  • Hot design
  • Free
  • User-friendly

The plugins now can also educate designers. Muzli is a new-tab browser plugin that instantly delivers relevant design stories and inspiration by providing links at a relevant time. You just have to add the extension to your Chrome, register, choose your preference and enjoy.

There are libraries on business, design, culture, and some other topics. Pick the one you are interested in and stay at the edge of the trends!


  • Free
  • Has bookmarks
  • Have customized layouts

This browser app allows you to be in the loop with the most fantastic news from design, tech, and other events from all over the world. Panda fits with Chrome, iOS, Android, and also has a web application.


The Creative Boom

Creative Boom Podcast is a podcast about creative people and for creative people. The hosts cover topics from social media to research design. How to open an art studio in Lisbon? The answer you will find in the podcast.

The approach is what makes the podcast one of the best – the hosts and intelligently funny, the language is controversial sometimes but you'll get used to it. Work and inspire at the same time with Creative Boom.

Bottom Line

When the design performances get broader and broader, the topics of design resources change as well. Now they include articles on research, market insights, technologies, and the other aspects that shape the world of visuals. Get into them not to understand how the design world works, omit the quick trends, and stick to the cool ones.

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