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What Are the Best Online Courses for UX/UI Design?

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Becoming a UX/UI designer now is easier than it used to be ten years ago because of the vast majority of online courses on the topic. But how to choose the most appropriate one and not lose time and money? Here is our short guide on top-4 online courses for UX/UI designers.

Before you start

Before paying for a course you have to know if you already know the basics of the design or not. Meaning to know,  if you are a complete freshman or the one, who already tried something in design. Make sure you keep in mind these things while searching for a course:

  • Learn your level of the skills.
  • Know your budget and the amount of time you want to spend days on the assignments.
  • Figure out what tools and techniques you need to know to find your dream job.
  • Sometimes courses offer a diploma or certificate, make sure that the one you'll get let you accomplish the tasks you want.

After you figured out these points, we'd love to introduce to you some courses both for the newbies and the ones, who already work as a designer and want to improve their skills.

UX Design Institute

Ireland based company, that provides a full course for beginners and the pros of UX. A self-paced online 6-month course that will get you from the basics to the main mechanics and tools of the profession. Module system in the course allows a student to learn depending on their schedule. Also, the teachers of the course are will help you to go from the introduction to portfolio creation.

Time: 6 month

Money: €2250

Format: self-paced

Diploma: yes

Interaction Design Foundation

Here is the other challenger of our top-3 online courses on UX design. The guys offer the courses both for newbies and pros. You can choose the skills on the UX you want to improve: the basics of the UX for beginners, UX design for intermediate level, and an advanced one. The courses are focused on step by step approach, where the designers learn how to work both solo and in teams. Interaction Design Foundation allows you to switch courses if you like, freeze them to get back after.

Time: no limit

Money: from €15 to €180 monthly

Format: short lessons

Diploma: yes

Coursera UI / UX Design Specialization

A well-known course aggregator, which offers free and simple courses on UI/UX. An interesting thing, that if you can't afford to pay for the course, you can apply for financial aid. This means that you can be refunded for the course if your application is approved.

With Coursera, it's cool that there are lots of free courses, and if you want to continue to deepen your knowledge, you can pay for that. But most of the people take free courses there. You also can sort courses depending on the level, length, and many more options. There are courses on UX analytics there, mobile interfaces, and so on. Before applying, try any you are interested in, and after you'll get what you're really into.

Time: depends on the course

Money: free

Format: lessons/ exams

Diploma: yes (can share via LinkedIn)


This one is very popular among the practicing designers as well as the among freshmen in design. Most of the courses on UI/UX give basic ideas of application designing and lots of important information on tools and resources. It's a nice way to take a look at UI and UX design to decide whether you like it to not.

Just in one course you can learn the theory of design and start doing practical assignments. Students like the courses from Udemy for their clarity of tasks, low budget courses, and the ability to communicate with other students.

Time: depends on the course

Money: €13 per course

Format: lessons/ exams

Certificate: yes

Likely to Remember

The importance of online courses can't be overestimated, as the main feature for every professional to learn and develop skills constantly. And applying, make sure that the payments are and the certificates & diplomas are appropriate for your goals.

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