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What Are the Requirements for Web Designer?

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Design Glossary
Text Button
is a clickable text, placed outside the main text container. From the text the users learn what happens after the button is pressed. The text should be clear and laconic. Text buttons are used for secondary actions in system dialogs and content cards.
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So, what are the main challenges a web designer will face in 2021, and what he or she should know to prepare for them? Here is our short but sophisticated list of the theoretical and practical things a designer must know to be competitive in the market.

#1 — Understand UI

To create an efficient website, a web designer should understand how the users interact with the controls of the app or a website:

  • Layouts
  • RWD or AWD, here you can find the difference
  • Buttons and icons
  • Colors and fonts

All these are the basics to know for a good web designer.

Banking Dashboard Interface by Golo

#2 — Understand UX

It is not less important for a person who creates apps and websites. The thing is that you, as a creator, need to know the way of user's thinking: why he or she clicked this or that button, why they react badly at that color, and so on. You need to concentrate on the user anyways.

User Flow tool by FlowMapp help to improve user experience

#3 — Trend Watching

Trend watching is also an integral part of the development of every web designer. None can't be actual and competitive enough not watching trends. Here is why:

  • Trends help to predict the future of the design
  • They help to adjust one's project to reality
  • Trends are not static and can be reborn!
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