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What Is the Difference Between a UX and UI Designer and a Web Designer?

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is a clickable text, placed outside the main text container. From the text the users learn what happens after the button is pressed. The text should be clear and laconic. Text buttons are used for secondary actions in system dialogs and content cards.
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We're going to explain to you in simple words the difference between the most popular kinds of digital designers: UX designers, UI designers, and web designers. Let's begin with the definitions!

UX, UI, and Web Designer Responsibilities

  • UX Designer is a person who is responsible for the user experience of the website, application, software, or service. The main scope of work for a UX designer includes research, design work, architecture, information design, testing of usability and content;
  • UI Designer is a designer who creates user interfaces. They make the visual side of the Apps, software, websites. The core performances of a UI designer need deep knowledge of color, typography, photo editing. The seniors of a UI design can also perform as art managers, who have a clear vision of a brand/product.
  • Web Designers build or do the redesigns of websites. They understand how the website/app/software should be functioning and how to make it look good and feel user-friendly. Web designers create layouts, features, displays of the product's website. The pros have to know about the colors, fonts, and other visuals to make a website look perfect. They kinda combine UX, UI, graphic designer, and a programmer's work.
UX vs UI

Cases of UX, UI, and Web Designers

To understand better what these designers do, we are going to show you some case studies for a better understanding of the design processes.

UX Design Case Study

The process of user experience design creation begins with the research.

UX Research process

After the research, you have to get the info on your target audience.

Personas tool by FlowMapp

And according to the info you get create a user flow. The user flow is important because a designer can understand how the TA interacts with the website.

User flow created with Flowchart tool by FlowMapp

Now is the time to create low fidelity prototypes and after that high fidelity prototypes.

Prototypes for the Smart home app by Yehor Haiduk

The work of a UX designer is to create the website and platforms for better interaction with the users.

UI Design Case Study

UI is about creating interfaces. There are stages of user interface creation that also start with:

  • Research
  • Colours & fonts creation
  • Layouts building
  • Design
  • Testing

The final result depends on the summary of performances: UX, UI, and Web design.

UI design case study by Balkan paperpilla

Web Design Case Study

Website projects by Balkan Brothers

Useful Resources on UX, UI, and Web Design

When you decided to become a designer, you have to learn more about the trends in the industry. The quality pieces of information are something that we all look for, that is why we've prepared for you the list of resources where you will be able to find the most actual and relevant info on UX & UI, web design. Read it here.


What can we say in the summary? UX, UI, and web designers usually work in synergy to achieve the goals of the product and deliver the message of the company. To become a designer one needs to be patient and hard-working, to know a lot from art, trends and work with UX & UI tools. Stay hungry for the knowledge, practice more, and don't hesitate to ask for advice on your way to becoming a designer.

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