What Exactly Is Product Design?


Hey guys, already thinking about switching your career to product design or thinking about learning more in this field? You might be a confused junior product designer who wants to boost their skills! Let's see how FlowMapp can help you with your questions on product design.

Product design is a crucial part of every project creation. It is why we would love to show you some tips on how to understand the mission of a product designer correctly and improve the skills you already have.

What Product Design Is About?

Simply product design is a design that meets the needs of the business. The product designer is responsible for each stage of the design development: from the research to UX and illustations. Usually, they work with a team or a business owner directly. Anyway, collaboration is the core part of being a product designer. We will take a closer look at what a product designer does.

Market Research in Product Design

User research and the market research is the number one challenge of a product designer. A professional needs to know the market and the users to create a design that will meet the business needs. Here are the tools of a product designer market research:

  • Briefing and concepts defining
  • Finding the potential target audience
  • Discovery interview
  • Analysis of the results

In the article, you will find more detailed information on an important part of the product design – research.

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Ideation in Product Design

Ideation is the stage when a product designer and their team are brainstorming on the solution of the problem. The design is the key to higher conversions, so the ideation is also a crucial part of the process. It is the list of the tools for brainstorming:

  1. FlowMapp
  2. Notion
  3. Miro

There are thousands of brainstorming tools for product designers. Find something suitable for your team and generate ideas!

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Product Design Prototyping

It is the part where a product designer switches from ideas to actual design creation. Build a series of prototypes to test the hypothesis. A designer who is creating a prototype generates ideas as well as the researcher. While building it, the team can come up with ideas that would never occur during brainstorming. Here are the top tools for product design prototyping:

  1. InVision
  2. Flowchart by FlowMapp
  3. Mockplus

A professional and a newbie in product design has to know the best tools for prototyping. Here is the full list of the tools for wireframing and prototyping.

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Testing the Product Design

Designers who want to get feedback on the work they do, have to test their designs. There is plenty of testing UX software on the market:

There are thousands of metrics a designer and analytic should track to understand if the design is brilliant or poor. When collecting the data, decide what you need and don't need to analyze. We will give you some advice on this case:

  1. Define the questions your design needs to answer. Does the design solve the problems of the users?
  2. Decide what data to collect: clicks, bounce rate, user flow?
  3. Choose an appropriate tool for your design testing. Questioning is a crucial part of every development – ask the right questions to get a clear answer.

Get the Meeting

All we know that communication is the key. As a product designer, you will have to collect the opinions of the team, stakeholders, and investors on what you did about the task of product design. Get the feedback from everyone and analyze it.

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The Bottom Line

Answering the question of what a product design is, we can say that it's a design work from beginning to the end. From the idea and research to testing the design. The job requires lots of knowledge in marketing, design, and collaborative work. Product designer's work does not always meet the users' requirements or business owners. It is exactly what product designers do – they make the needs meet.


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