Customer Journey Map

A powerful tool for visualizing the customer’s experience. Use storytelling to capture key user moments and enhance communication.

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Key Features

The process of customer journey mapping uncovers the key customer moments that, once improved, will unlock a more compelling and more valuable overall user experience.

Create Personas

Personas Tool will help you create main characters by describing their needs, goals, feelings, and expectations.

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preset blocks

Fill in the map in a convenient way using standard blocks for any needs.

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Tell a story

Various sections of emotions, technologies, channels, and feelings will help you tell the full story.

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Customize map

Feel free to Drag & Drop sections. All the entire space of the digital map is flexible and modular.

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CJM is designed for online collaboration and teamwork to improve digital products, websites, and mobile apps. Work together!

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CJM examples

Additional features

Premade templates

We have prepared several templates that you can use to start your own map.

Multiple Maps

All of your projects contain unlimited maps to understand what fundamentally drives all users.

Share Project

Share your customer journey map with colleagues, teams, and clients.

Export CJM

Export it to use in external docs, presentation or simply print it!

Improve User Experience


Identify problem areas

CJM helps to recognize gaps, points in the user experience that are disjointed or painful. To identify the opportunities for growth along the customer lifecycle, it is first important to understand whole experience engaging with the product, website, app or service.


Enhance communication

Understanding the context of users, getting a clear picture of where they have come from and what goals are trying to achieve, assuming metrics for identifying customer's satisfaction sheds light on key opportunities for deepening relationships and communications.


Build higher customer conversion rates

It can maximize customer sales and strengthen conversion funnels by minimizing negative user experiences, through digging into the decision points and key steps of the journey.


Increase retention

CJM is a framework that leads designers and creators to insights into the customer’s behavior. The map can tell the full story and tune the entire customer lifecycle from initial contact to activation, engagement, and retention based on visualizations your audiences wants, needs and motivations in each touchpoint.


Define a vision

Detailed journeys and emotional maps can uncover the most significant opportunities for building a better experience and new product vision.

Antoni Zolciak
Flowmapp has been an invaluable help in creating intuitive maps of both the apps and websites we’re working on. The ability to have a CJM framework within the same toolkit makes it both fun to use, as well as easy to explain to non-technical clients.
Max Engel
Flowmapp is already a critical tool in helping me communicate visually with clients. The new CJM tool enables me to clearly convey how to best match product engagement with users' expectations and emotions to build the right foundation for a successful collaborative development process.
Thibaut Davoult
Customer Journey is a complex topic that is often overlooked, especially by young teams. My guess is that it requires an intricate mix of product, design and growth skills that not many teams can gather early on. One thing that surely helped us a lot when remapping our customer journey was visualizing it all.
Maximilian Müller
We love the possibility to create complex and presentable sitemaps and user-flows without trouble. The additional functions of Flowmap help us to meet the individual challenges of each project.
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