7 cool visual sitemap examples

For all team members, regardless of their expertise and the tasks assigned, visual perception is the only tool that allows them to accurately convey their own or, conversely, understand other people’s ideas

Demonstration of a visual sitemap layout

Tips that will help you create visual sitemaps

Sitemap visualization example

Use multi-connectors

A user can even arrive at the start page in different ways, let alone pages located at lower levels of the hierarchy of your website. If you do not foresee these connections from the beginning, optimizing the website's structure and, in particular, the number of its pages in your future work will be difficult. Therefore, already at the stage of constructing a visual sitemap, indicate the connections between the proposed website pages using connectors (arrows). Additionally, you can mark them with different colors and arrows to identify individual user flows

Get the most out of emojis

We don't know about you, but in our professional wholesale business, we often encounter designers frequently accompanying their graphic designs with tons of text notes. This introduced additional complexity into the perception of the project and sometimes shifted the focus in the wrong direction. So why not simplify all those extra thoughts that can't be conveyed through the core components of visual sitemaps using emojis? This way, you will not only map volumes of text with additional insights for your team but also be able to correctly place emphasis between them

Illustration showcasing a visual sitemap
Sitemap design illustration

Take advantage of visual content preview on page cards

In principle, the same problem applies to visual attachments - designers, in the rush of their creativity, sometimes attach dozens of pictures that can be confusing. To eliminate the need for additional communication and convey the necessary thoughts in the visual sitemap itself, it makes sense to use covers for page cards that will most accurately describe the essence of the intended content for each type of page

Come up with a text preview of the content on the site card

You can go further if you think visually indicating the type of content using covers is not enough to supplement them with a couple of lines of text. Typically, designers indicate what is inside the cards, how detailed the structure has already been worked out for pages of a particular type (and whether it is already possible to involve other specialists in the work), and some individual notes. Ultimately, all this helps optimize work processes within the team and makes a positive impression on stakeholders

visual sitemap created with Flowmapp tool

Sitemapping templates you can be inspired by

E-commerce website

This sitemap example will give you a possible structure for an e-commerce project to guide potential customers along the shortest route to make purchases

E-commerce website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

Website for a large project

There is always a lot of hassle with large projects. As a result, when users begin to interact with the website, completing the target action becomes difficult due to possible confusion in the abundance of functionality. In turn, this sitemap template will tell you how to make your project as intuitive to use as possible

Large project website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

No-code dev website

Since no-code development websites are designed for rapid development and their target audience is often people with no programming skills, you should ensure that the structure 
of your project is as simple as possible. This sitemapping template will help you with this

No code website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

Corporate website

Corporate online portals often have many sections in which it will be easy for new visitors to get confused. To make it easier for inexperienced users to interact with such a website, you can use our example

Corporate website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

SaaS website

Many SaaS vendors offer their customers extensive functionality, but it can be challenging to navigate precisely what one or another needs. In this regard, we have prepared a separate template for a SaaS website that presents all available services from a bird's eye view

Saas website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

Digital agency website

Even though such websites usually have few pages, they still have to surprise their visitors with the creativity of their creators. You can use our example to achieve the optimal balance between an extraordinary concept and the usability of such a website

Digital agency website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

Personal blog

Finally, you can use our example sitemap for a personal blog to organize your post categories and make them easy to find. Thanks to this, no matter how long the project's owner has been blogging, navigation through it will be fast and self-explanatory

Personal blog website visual sitemap created with FlowMapp

Please note that these are not all types of websites whose sitemaps we have created. 
We are constantly expanding our library of possible sitemaps, so you will likely find the most suitable template for your project there

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