How to Create a Free Sitemap Online

A sitemap is a valuable tool in website design that shows the relationship between its pages and gives a clear idea of its content, organization, and navigation.

Diagram depicting interconnected boxes with lines.

Who Would Benefit From
a Sitemap

Creating a sitemap is necessary to build a website structure and quickly navigate it. This also has several benefits for all parties involved in the project.

Illustration of a person inside an ellipse representing a profession.
Project manager

Using a sitemap, a project manager can quickly assess an upcoming project's scope, determine its implementation timing, and estimate its cost.

Graphic depicting a professional occupation symbolized by a person in an ellipse.
Client and stakeholders

A visual sitemap allows clients and stakeholders to understand how much work needs to be done and clarify project details that were previously unclear.

Visual representation of a job type portrayed by a figure within an ellipse.

Using sitemap, developers can quickly and easily estimate the amount of work to be done, distribute tasks, and select the appropriate technology stack for website implementation.

Graphic representation of a job category with a person depicted in an ellipse.

Marketers can use visual sitemaps to create a rough website structure and determine what needs to be worked on by developers.

Illustration symbolizing a profession through a person inside an ellipse.
Information architects

With sitemap, information architects can determine the best way to organize and communicate information so that users can easily find what they need.

Visual depiction of a job sector with a person enclosed within an ellipse.
UX designers

UX designers use visual sitemaps to highlight website cards and further build user flows based on them.

How to Create a Good Sitemap

Do it clearly

It is best to use a visual sitemap so that those who read it can immediately understand the website's content. It also allows you to evaluate the scope of the project efficiently.

Illustration showing linked boxes connected by lines.
Page protoype design illustration

Create page prototypes

Prototypes of pages allow all project participants to understand what the final version of the website will look like.

Give direction

Colored connectors should be used to mark pages that can be accessed from different parts of the website.

Visual representation of interlinked boxes with directional arrows.
Diagram displaying boxes interconnected via arrows.

Work in a team

Teamwork on a sitemap allows you to make it much faster and better. For example, one specialist can create a structure, another can build prototypes simultaneously, and a third can write the text.

Add details

Screenshots attached to the page card will help you understand what it might look like. Also, additional documentation and information will help other project participants understand the sitemap faster.

Visual page card example by Flowmapp.

What Should Be a Good Tool 
for Building Sitemaps

To create sitemaps, you need to use the right tools to complete this task quickly and efficiently.

Minimum time spent

The process of creating a sitemap should be fast so that the company does not waste time and money.

Graphic representation of interconnected boxes with linking arrows.


Specialists should be able to work on a project in a team simultaneously, leave comments for each other, and use the task tracker directly in the sitemap creation tool itself.

Schematic diagram showing connections between boxes using lines.

Fast learning

The tool must be intuitive so that even an ignorant person can understand it in a few minutes.

Example of design tool.

Export options

A good sitemap creator should have functions for exporting to XML and other necessary formats.

Diagram demonstrating flow between interconnected boxes with arrows.

Import function

The import function is required because the crawler lets you quickly insert a link to any website and get its sitemap. This is especially useful when you need to make a project similar to an existing one.

Illustration depicting the flow of information between linked boxes using arrows.

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