Flowchart diagram: types and rules guide

When planning or designing any process is necessary, flowchart diagram come to the rescue, thanks to which you can determine the essential steps. To use all the advantages of different diagrams, the one that perfectly corresponds to the desired process must be chosen precisely. In total, there are 11 most common types of flowcharts.

Visual representation of a flowchart diagram

11 types of flowcharts

Now, it’s a great time to move from theory to practice and consider special cases of user flow diagram examples, ideal for all occasions


Decision flowchart

A decision flowchart is needed to make decisions in the necessary order. This helps to visualize all possible outcomes of the process and ensure the decision is made correctly. 
Here are the steps you need to follow to create such a flowchart.

Analyze the problem

Collect all information related to the problem

Formulate possible solutions to the problem

Choose the best one

Break the decision down into a logical sequence of steps

Present the steps in a flowchart online tool

Visual sitemap enriched with flowchart components

Process flowchart

This flowchart is necessary so that people who read it understand how to perform a specific process correctly. Here's how to create such a chart

Define the process

Consider the steps required to complete this process

Determine the entry and exit points

Write down the sequence of steps

Draw the basic diagram symbols

Try to optimize the number of steps

Diagram illustrating the flow of a process

Product flowchart

This type of flowchart illustrates the sequence of activities, decision points, and interactions throughout the life cycle of a product, from its conception to delivery to customers. Here's how to create one

Define your goal

Find critical steps and processes

Determine the starting and ending points

Arrange and connect the steps

Add decision points

Flowchart depicting the login process

PERT chart

The PERT chart makes it easier to delimit the project's chronology and break it down into individual tasks. To create such a one, you need to complete the following steps

Define the project's objectives

Identify dependent elements

Link project tasks to each other

Estimate the duration of the project

Manage the progress of work on tasks

User flow diagram for a referral program

Workflow chart

This type of user flowchart is needed to understand how a business or a particular process functions. Such a diagram also helps to understand the flow of data and documents within the company and is a helpful tool in employee training. Below are the steps to implement such a diagram

Select the process to visualize

Determine the starting and ending points

Identify and minimize inefficiencies

Construct and complete a workflow diagram

User flow diagram example

Swimlane flowchart

This type of diagram can help present multiple information flows simultaneously to show various categories in which activities occur. Let's look at the steps to create it using flowchart maker free

Determine traffic lanes

Start your diagram

Add steps

Describe each step until you reach the end of the process

User flow diagram example

Data flowchart

A data flowchart is necessary to understand how data is processed in the system. This type of diagram is used for software design and development and for analyzing information in business. Below, we will look at the steps to create it

Identify the main inputs and outputs of your system

Build a context diagram

Expand the context diagram to DFD (data flow diagram) level 1

Break down level 1 processes into sub-processes

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks, duplications, and unnecessary steps

Confirm the accuracy of the resulting chart

User flow diagram of booking

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