Create hi-fi prototypes in minutes, present and discuss them online

FlowMapp Wireframe Tool app interface. Website blocks with selection elements menu in the left


Huge templates library

inbuilt smart editor for any cases

Presenting mode

as a real clickable webpage by the link

Template editor

change texts, link pages and add images

Add any content

share ideas, make notes or describe page blocks for teammates

Connect with sitemap

build complex visual website structure in one place

Some perks on top



Sharing & export


Our customers love the ability to build site structure and create hi-fi prototypes all in one place

Rufus Andreas Plattner
Tammy A.

Digital Marketing Expert

Keeps everything so organized! The Flowmapp UX platform is fantastic. Being able to add our team and clients with different levels of access has saved us SO much time. We can't say enough awesome things about these guys!

James Sheil
Ksenia Derevianko

UI/UX Designer

The best feature for me is the ability to go directly from the site to edit each page! Thus, it automates and optimizes the creation of sketches and wireframes

Sebastian Belle
Blessing Oluwayemisi

UI/UX & Brand Designer

Flowmapp one of the essential tool that helps in UX/UI design its often called a tool of communication. It helps to plan UX and UI apps, websites. Also it helps improving user experience because with it you easily explain your design processes


Great teams trust us

Design hi-fi prototypes and plan website structure using only one tool

Plan smart
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