Visual sitemap tool in modern web development

When a team works on a project, it’s crucial to have a working version of the product at hand. This also applies to UX/UI designers, managers and other specialists, who should be able to share their results of work with colleagues and stakeholders in a format that is understandable and convenient to them. Actually, for this, visual sitemaps are needed

FlowMapp Visual sitemap design tool interface. Website structure
Who uses visual sitemap software in daily work:

Project managers

Product managers

Web developers

Web designers

Stakeholders and clients

UX/UI designers

Clear website structure: that's why we use visual sitemaps

A visual sitemap is a visual demonstration of the future website’s structure, which shows the connections between pages and provides a clear picture of a website's content and navigation.

FlowMapp Visual sitemap design tool interface. Website structure

Creating a visual sitemap is important both for team members, who must be able to quickly understand what the final product should be, and for its owners so that they can adjust the website structure in time. Thus, you will not face possible edits in it at the pre-release stages of development, which is often very expensive and resource-intensive.

Web developers use it at each stage of development

  • 1.

    At the planning stage

    When nothing is ready yet, and the product owner has just voiced the idea for a future website, your team should be able to quickly approve its basic concept to be able to form a technology stack and a list of tasks for each of its members. This is where the visual sitemap building tool will be useful.

  • 2.

    At the design stage

    When designers start working on a website, they need a centralized solution at hand where they can write user flows and store their ideas and edits from other team members and stakeholders. It’s most convenient to do this directly on the visual structure of the future website to further refine them into hi-fi prototypes.

  • 3.

    At the development stage

    Developers can use ready-made visual sitemaps together with the project’s documentation to get a full picture of all dependencies between pages and their individual components.  Also, sitemapping allows teams to estimate the scope of work in advance, provide designers and managers worthy solutions, and distribute the workload among team members.

Here's how the visual site mapping tool actually works

Meet the FlowMapp, a tool beloved by 300,000 designers and teams

Considering all the challenges designers usually face, we decided to create sitemapping product, which would allow teams to solve typical problems related to visualizing the website structure and making edits and notes in it in the simplest way. We filled this tool with a bunch of useful features, including:

In-built page editor

The page editor allows you to create three types of pages: main tree, individual pages, and footer pages; in addition, it is possible to connect several connectors to one page at once and change the color and direction of the connectors. Also, here, you can attach additional files (designs you like or something else) directly to the pages they relate to

Visual sitemaps cards with preview of page content

Two approaches to sitemapping

You can use two approaches to creating a visual sitemap, page covers (its library is constantly expanding) and page blocks, and choose the one that is most convenient for you in terms of working on a specific project

Visual sitemaps blocks with two options: preview as images or preview as text blocks

Advanced collaboration tools

You and your colleagues can leave comments and notes directly on the pages, attach links and files to them, and, in general, do online everything that was previously available only during face-to-face interaction

Visual sitemap tool by flowmapp. Interface with sitemaps blocks and collaborators

Comprehensive toolset for hi-fi prototyping

This set of tools will help you turn your sitemap sketches into full-fledged hi-fi prototypes without the need for third-party software solutions. Also, it provides you with fully customizable templates. This allows you to plan the content of each page of the websites and mobile apps directly in the visual sitemap, which in turn is extremely clear content structure of any, even the most complex web project

Example of hi-fi prototype created using flowmapp ux design tool

Labels for management
and agile workflow

With this feature, you can manage your workflow and prioritize tasks by adding labels to individual parts of the sitemap

Interface of Visual sitemap tool by flowmapp. Sitemaps blocks and color labels

Fast access to document navigation and sitemap management

Sitemap by Flowmapp allows you to process document navigation and sitemap management directly in the app

Interface of Visual sitemap tool by flowmapp. Sitemap page structure

User flow UX design tool

Finally, here, you can shorten user flows by simplifying the dependencies between pages and the whole website’s structure

Interface of User flow tool by flowmapp. Logical blocks, connected with each other

Together, all of the above features give you advanced functionality for next-level web development:

You will receive an easy-to-use tool for demonstration of the project’s structure, which can be further developed up to hi-fi prototypes

You will be able to express dependencies between elements using cards, colorful connectors, emoji, and many other things

You will be able to create a prototype for any page, even for the most non-standard projects

You will be able to export the finished solution, which your stakeholders will definitely not have problems when opening

You will get a comprehensive visual sitemapping solution for free

What real web developers think of FlowMapp's visual sitemap tool:

Based on review by:

Amy Woolsey
Amy Woolsey

Design & Test

I was impressed with how quickly I’d generate an online sitemap and user flow in one connected place. The team's progress is illustrated by status tags on each area of the site's architecture, making it a visually pleasing and fast way to see progress. Also, it is a free sitemap builder.


Based on review by:

Jorge A. Machado Colon
Jorge A. Machado Colon

Experience Strategy & Innovation

Best UX/UI for best UX/UI designers 🔥FlowMapp website mapping tool is so simple to use. Easy export sitemap to PDF or XML. Their own UI/UX is a best practice case. The sitemap tool is just amazing. Quick and easy to set up while visually powerful.


Based on review by:

Rafal Jara
Rafal Jara

Graphic designer

Speed it 🚀 up.

FlowMapp sitemap design tool helps me organize the website planning process. It speeds up workflow. The website structure map then stays as a complete roadmap for my team.

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