Interactive visual sitemap builder with page editor and prototyping features

FlowMapp Visual sitemap design tool interface. Website structure

One tool. Excellent site mapping

Visual sitemap planning tool which transforms your design process. Build a clear bird-eye view stricture, set pages templates, making rapid hi-fi prototypes. Clear, simple, fast, and cost-effective

Create sitemap structure

Enjoy the power of simplicity and bird-eye view perspective

Use page covers library

Constantly growing library of cover templates for any case

Collect page content

Store data, briefs, ideas and files at each page

Collaborate and comment

Work in real time and share ideas with team or clients

Crawl any sitemap

Import from XML or generate a visual sitemap from a website URL

Create prototypes

Rapid building hi-fi prototypes directly in sitemap pages

Some perks on top

Everything you need for world-best web projects, and a little more. Enjoy the intuitive minimalistic interface with smart features that make you work more exciting

Drag & Drop pages

Use Project Structure

Duplicate pages

Footer & Header Pages

Our customers love how easily they can build complex web projects using visual sitemaps

Based on review by:

Amy Woolsey
Amy Woolsey

Design & Test

I was impressed with how quickly I’d generate an online sitemap and user flow in one connected place. The team's progress is illustrated by status tags on each area of the site's architecture, making it a visually pleasing and fast way to see progress. Also, it is a free sitemap builder.

Based on review by:

Jorge A. Machado Colon
Jorge A. Machado Colon

Experience Strategy & Innovation

Best UX/UI for best UX/UI designers 🔥FlowMapp website mapping tool is so simple to use. Easy export sitemap to PDF or XML. Their own UI/UX is a best practice case. The sitemap tool is just amazing. Quick and easy to set up while visually powerful.

Based on review by:

Rafal Jara
Rafal Jara

Graphic designer

Speed it 🚀 up.

FlowMapp sitemap design tool helps me organize the website planning process. It speeds up workflow. The website structure map then stays as a complete roadmap for my team.

Great teams trust us

Create clear sitemap structure and manage all planning stage

Plan smart
One project is always free. Easy onboarding. No credit card required