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Visualizing the structure of a website (or sitemapping) provides consistency of tasks of the team. Using sitemapping tool, everyone involved in the process will have at hand the structure of the final solution from the beginning. This allows for better control and management of the development process

FlowMapp Visual sitemap design tool interface. Page covers connected by Lines. Each page cover shows short information about page content

Typically, for visual sitemapping, designers use specialized software, which, in addition to the toolset for building diagrams, also includes many features for remote collaboration, such as comments, notes, file storage, customizable templates, file export, etc.

9 steps to generate visual sitemap

A good sitemap generator has an intuitive interface and advanced features, allowing designers and web developers to create complex information systems using just one solution. Let's take a look at a comprehensive step-by-step process for creating a complex visual sitemap

Visual sitemap generator like FlowMapp can replace several design software solutions that need to be used before the designer starts working with Figma. And yes, this is much more convenient than transferring the same project from one software to another

How a visual sitemap generator helps improve the planning process

FlowMapp solution helps more than 300,000 web development teams and designers in their everyday work:

  • 1.

    At the planning stage

    It helps to quickly create the website structure to approve the project budget and formulate a scope of work

  • 2.

    At the design stage

    It allows you have the project’s sketches at hand, which can be finalized into a full-fledged design later

  • 3.

    At the development stage

    It synchronizes workflows within the design team and, thereby, reduces time-to-market.

  • 4.

    At the pre-sales stage

    It helps you to demonstrate the project to focus groups to receive early feedback and refine the project before its launch

Website planning has never been so powerful

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