Build empathy within your UX design process. This tool supercharges a designer’s work through a deep understanding of the target audience.

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Key Features

It is easy to collect, organize and store requirements for the development of websites and apps using an interactive Sitemap and User Flow


Identify the user's behavioral patterns and present them using a clear interface.

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Create Personas
preset blocks

Define characteristics, goals, pain and gains, technologies, media channels, quotes and much more.

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preset blocks
Customize them all

You can customize the display view and blocks order. You decide how to build them all.

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User Flows

Personas allow you to design the User Experience precisely, creating various user flows based on your research.

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User Flows

Collaborate with the team putting Personas into the UX process and making design decisions.

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Additional features

Create templates

Make the Personas building process fast and convenient.

Multiple Personas

All of your projects contain unlimited Personas to reach the entire audience.

Share Project

Share your work and gather client’s feedback

Export Personas

Export it to use in external docs, presentation or simply print it!

Personas examples

Feel free to Drag and Drop. Flexible and modular.

Discover how to build Personas and manage content with visual drag and drop blocks.

Flexible and modular
Snaping blocks

Snaping blocks. Move with ease.

Just allow objects to snap to each other as they approach each other. No pixel hunting needed.

Object Library. A huge one.

Let Google relax, cause we included a lot of images and logos inside. Just pick up what your Persona prefers.

Object Library
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FlowMapp is trusted by more than 200,000 users worldwide.

Personas in UX Design

Collect data about your users

Online interviews, offline observing, the questionnaire, customer development, and other methods of research could help you gather valuable information about your users or potential customers. Focus on the goals of your Project.

Design scenarios

Prepare scenarios for your Personas — situations that describe how a Persona would interact with a product, website, or service to achieve its goals. Place the Personas in a specific context with problems they want to solve and define the full scenario.

Define behavior patterns and create Personas

Find patterns in user research data, form a common idea of every user group as long as the ways they differ from one another. By creating the Persona — whose behavior patterns are well understood — you can satisfy the broader group of people represented by it. FlowMapp is everything you need to tell great visual stories.

Build User Flows

Personas help a product team find the answer, “Who are we designing for?”. Scenarios help designers with the final step — building the user flows — by pairing scenarios and product flows to shape UX solutions for the next development stages.

FlowMapp helped us to organize the information and scope of the project in an amazing way. It becomes easier for us to involve our clients and to explain multiple user flows to them.

Arturo Via y Rada
UI/UX Designer

FlowMapp is part of our technological stack in all the projects that is inserted. It helps us both in creating user flows and supporting the product backlog understanding by complementing the Users Stories.

Carlos Toledo
Lead Designer

FlowMapp has totally changed the way we plan our sites and campaigns. It allows our team to quickly organize content and ideas while ending up with a deliverable clients are impressed with. It’s a huge part of our workflow, and the whole team loves the tool!

Sam Oshin
Creative Director

We believe in a one team approach whilst planning major web development projects. With FlowMapp, everyone gets involved through discovery and planning phases. FlowMapp helps facilitate collaboration at this crucial stage and keeps clients engaged all the way through.

Anthony Speranza
Creative Director

We use User Flow to show our clients how custom sales funnels will guide the user to a call-to-action or purchase. The ability to actually see a visual brings the process to life and further enhances the client involvement in the planning phase of the projects.

Bill McCown
Vice-President & COO

The biggest help of shifting to FlowMapp is having a tool that we can share with a client online and that can capture comments. Its cut out a lot of back and forth, file sharing confusion and missing context. Having one link to share keeps clients on track!

Megan Carrigan
Strategy Director
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