Hi there! Great news from us - FlowMapp 3.0 is out! The updated version will provide you increased production power and improved UI, and be ready to enjoy some new great functions.

You imagine - we embody! So grateful for the opinion and suggestions you daily share with our team, your contribution helped us perfect a cross-functional FlowMapp 3.0 platform ready-to-use at every stage of web development and planning.

Well, since October 2023, before you open Figma, you need just one tool - FlowMapp 3.0.


Yes, it’s new. Totally.

Tired of wearing the same clothes for too long, we invested a bunch of effort in bringing you a more stylish app interface.

Better planned and structured:

Nielsen and Norman you guys will love it!

Sitemap Tool

  • Brand-new design supports eye-friendly work with the interface
  • Advanced functionality helps you boost visualisation of plans and ideas
  • Be ready to get your customers’ love

Upgraded at all levels (including the page structure!) tool simplifies your work with a more logical layout of canvas.

Helpful  highlights:

  • You can process documents navigation and sitemap management in the header.
  • As before, the sitemap is structured in 3 types of pages: Main Tree, Separate pages, Footer pages.

Advanced possibilities of creating visual sitemaps

We changed our usual approach to creating new visual sitemaps: now you can choose between two ways to make visual sitemap page cards applying the updated design of covers:


The standard way of creating the sitemap, which you are all used to. So if you want to add a new page card to your sitemap, just select a suitable cover in 40+ templates. Or, set an emoji as a cover (100s are available)! Isn’t it cool?


The new function enables you to generate more informative site blocks: present schematically and visually both the future site and the content on each site page to your clients.

NB: you can choose the block color or change the blocks position by drag&drop. The crosslinked sitemap block and new page block simplify information input, so no worries and no double work. Your clients will enjoy seeing all in the site structure in one window rather than opening each site page one by one.

Multiple pages connections upgrade

Creation of sitemaps planning has more options.

  • You can link a number of connectors to one page
  • And you enable to change color and direction of custom connectors

And some more upgrades

  • You can choose page view between blocks, covers or emoji
  • We added page colors
  • The number of labels’ colors is reduced, new palette is added

Sitemap Page

  • Enjoy the brand-new design
  • Be more productive with the improved text editor
  • Feel more freedom working with the re-designed wireframes editor
  • It feels like after graduation of ‘Be better today and start to live’ courses

Let us walk you through the 2 logical blocks of the sitemap page: Page description and Wireframes

Page description

The new text editor is more productive and edit-friendly. Right at the top of the page find and edit your descriptions with: description text, tasks, brief, files, references, schemes, etc.


  • Re-design elements
  • Fully customized templates
  • Improved performance
  • Our rivals stay cool ‘cos we don’t have them

The Wireframes tool received a long-expected upgrade - now you can edit most elements of templates. But we stuck to the previous creation logic - a vertical line.

The new design of blocks is perfectly tuned for a better compatibility with the blocks created in the FlowMapp 2.0 version.

Block covers + Wireframes blocks = Match

You can plan the site page content directly in the page card of the sitemap. However, if you create a block in the sitemap, it’ll be automatically duplicated to the site page as a wireframe block, with the same name and color.

Customized templates and wireframe blocks make the FlowMapp 3.0 navigation and search easier and faster. And we carefully saved all the blocks you created in the FlowMapp 2.0 version!

User Flow

  • Enjoy the new look
  • Expect better performance
  • Benefit from more flexible management of connectors
  • New grid enables you to build more accurate flows
  • Create new blocks in the left-side panel: just drag&drop to the canvas

Export Feature

Simplified. Completely.

Hard work of our team (skip the zero-lactose coffee-breaks ;) ) shortened the export process down to a single click! Exporting the project to PDF is expected to be available to our users mid fall this year, keep fingers crossed!

Project Backups

Please, note that FlowMapp 3.0 no longer supports the project backups created in the FlowMapp 1.0 version.

Changes to the FlowMapp Interface

Let’s have a look:


You can now find the workspace panel in the left sidebar (more convenient than the previous top of the page).

Personal workspace

Every user can comfortably work at a Personal workspace by default. Here you can store all personal user projects.


We added a new function: a special section “Recents” helps you easily jump into the most recent sitemaps and user flows. Up to 15 documents you’ve worked with lately are displayed here.


Any sitemap or user flow from any workspace can be added to Favorites.

Shared with me

The plans Team and Agency enable you to make both Personal  and Team Workspaces. The Free and Pro plans give you an option to create projects in your personal Workspace only.

When you get an invitation to a personal project with the rights “Can edit” or “Can view”, you can find such a project in the “Shared with me” section.

You can be added into Team Workspace as an Admin, Member, Editor or Commenter. In this case, you can find this Workspace in the Workspace panel in the left sidebar.


This is the storage of your archived projects. Delete or unarchive any at any time.

Project desktop

The new design and upgraded logic of the App’s interface bring you several new functions. Just click the project name in the left-side bar and you’ll see on the right the following:

  • Read the description and manage the project (Share, Duplicate, Rename, Archive, Transfer (to be added soon), Delete)
  • Manage added users and their project roles
  • Create a Sitemap
  • Create a User Flow
  • Scroll through the list of created documents
  • Manage documents (rename, duplicate, remove)

Every project within the Pro, Team and Agency plans allows you to create up to 2 sitemaps and an unlimited number of user flows.

Workspace settings and profile

The new design of Workspace settings:

… and a completely new design of the Profile

6-minute Rule

Despite big upcoming changes, we stick to our mission. Any person with any background or skills  can easily understand FlowMapp tools and use them independently. And when it comes to small-scale web-projects, we ensure you can plan them in just 6 minutes.

So, we recommend you launch your fav playlist in Spotify and browse the FlowMapp 3.0 - just click and see what happens next!

…and more is coming in next months

Committed to ongoing improvement and creating the all-in-one product suitable for each stage of planning, in the following months, we promise to provide you a set of new functions you might have long waited for:

  • Export to Figma
  • Wireframes preview on the sitemap
  • Website crawler
  • Real-time collaboration mode
  • Project cost estimation
  • FlowMapp’s embed tool
  • Creating custom templates (sitemaps, wireframes, user flows)
  • Vertical view of the sitemap
  • Export to PDF
  • Transfer of projects

Stay with us and let’s build together! We seem to be a great team!