Law of Prägnanz

Synonyms: principles of grouping, Gestalt laws of grouping

Law of Prägnanz states that people perceive complex things as simplified forms in order to easily recognize the world around them. Therefore, people can perceive things as a whole, and not as small parts or the sum of common parts. It means that the mind seeks to simplify anything it can possibly. If there's something that can be simplified down it will do this simplification.



“Prägnanz” is a German word that means salience, conciseness, and orderliness.


The law of Prägnanz is the fundamental principle of the gestalt laws of grouping. Gestalt principles are rules that describe how the human eye perceives visual elements.


Gestalt psychologists argue that certain principles of design exist because the mind has an innate disposition to perceive patterns based on these five categories: Proximity, Similarity, Continuity, Closure, and Connectedness.

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  1. Use the law to create wireframes for websites. Monitor as the content blocks are combined into a single page.
  2. Keep your design simple. Remember that a person tends to simplify objects in order to understand them.
  3. Use familiar patterns and layouts.


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