UI Kit

UI Kit is a set of design components. It includes fonts, icons, buttons, colors and documentation. You can make your own UI Kit, but it is much more simple to use the one made by another designer or a team. Commonly, is a Figma or Sketch file.


by Roman Kamushken for Setproduct

UI Kit example
Here is a small part of the UI Kit that is ready for sale. You can see here not only different buttons, but also message boxes and widgets

3 Reasons To Use It

  1. To improve design consistency. It is very important when you work on a big project with a lot of elements

  2. To help developers. The more consistent design is, the easier it is for them to work on a product. UI Kit is also helpful for designers who work on new projects inside the product

  3. To speed up product design and development. Instead of creating components you can use ready ones

How To Find A Good UI Kit


If you work with Figma, use Figma Files. Yes, you can use Sketch one, but it is very likely that elements will not look well in Figma. 


Designers need texts. That is why you should check the typography. In a good UI Kit you’ll find all the fonts, their weight, height and size, hierarchy. All in all, you need a system with all the possible styles.


The more colors you have, the easier it is to work. For example, you create a design for an online shop. The client doesn't know which colors he wants. In this case you can show two or three versions of the project. It doesn’t take much time, if there are different color pallets in a UI Kit.  


Good UI Kit includes enough icons. This can save your time. Instead of searching or creating new icons you can use the ones in Kit. 


Here is a list of all elements you can find in a good UI Kit. In most cases you need them all. 

  1. Button and button groups
  2. Entry fields
  3. Checkboxes
  4. Pagination
  5. Toggles
  6. Tabs
  7. Labels and badges
  8. Tabs
  9. Warnings and alerts
  10. Pop-ups
  11. Popovers
  12. Notifications
  13. All the navigation elements: menu, bars, tabs, breadcrumbs etc.
  14. Hints
  15. Preloaders
  16. Footers
  17. Widgets


These are the most common components, but you may need more specific ones. This depends on the type of your project. For example, you can find UI Kits created for e-commerce and blogs.


A good UI Kit has a good structure where it is easy to find all the elements by names.Good naming is often a key to success.


You don’t need a UI Kit if you work on simple projects such as landing pages. Although, if you are a freelancer UI Kit may be very helpful for your work as it can save a lot of time for you.  


UI Kit is necessary when you work on a big project with big teams. It is very helpful for new people in your team as you can provide all the necessary knowledge about your design system.

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