You might be looking for the best flowchart software for Mac. We’ve prepared the list of TOP 5 apps. Choose the perfect match for your needs and enjoy creating clear and informative flow diagrams!

OmniGraffle Pro — #5

This OmniGraffle app is mostly used for creating interface mockups and building wireframes of various shapes.

Flowchart Software for Mac - OmniGraffle interface


  • It allows users to create flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, organizational charts, UML designs, software prototypes, diagram types.
  • Available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.
  • The software supports importing from Photoshop with layers.


  • OmniGraffle is not a cloud-based web app.
  • So, you have only to download, install, and use it only on your Mac or iOS device.

Gliffy — #4

The fourth app on our list is Gliffy — another popular diagram software for Mac.

Flowchart Software for Mac - Gliffy interface


  • Gliffy is a relatively cheap online flowchart maker.
  • It can be connected to Jira Cloud and Confluence, which is very convenient for developers.
  • You can draw almost any type of flowchart on this organizational charts website. 


  • Limited object customization features can be a serious reason for not using it by many teams.

Google Slides — #3

Of course, Google has its apps for making good-looking flow diagrams. Slides in one of them.

Flowchart Software for Mac - Google slides interface


  • Slides have the same functionality as mentioned-above apps. Any type of flowchart is available.
  • A cloud-based online app allows you to work from any device.
  • Collaboration is included.
  • Publication and sharing files in different formats are possible


  • Users with no experience of creating flowcharts in Slides might spend a whole day trying to make them nice.

Google Docs — #2

Another Google’s tool that can be used for building flowcharts:

Flowchart Software for Mac - Google Docs interface


  • With this app, you’ll make flowcharts, diagram types, organizational charts, UML designs, mind maps, wireframes, software prototypes.
  • It is a cloud-based web app accessible from any device.
  • It allows collaborative editing in real-time and saving everything in Google Drive.
  • Exporting to popular formats is available.


  • The tool is not tailored to creating flowcharts.
  • It requires lots of time to get used to the manual process of building flow diagrams.

FlowMapp — #1

Finally, here’s the #1 tool for both professionals and amateurs. Why does this flowchart software for Mac is your best choice?


  • Quick start. Signing up takes no more than 3 minutes. Next, you can start creating flowcharts!
  • Even newbies can create the best flowcharts without any templates.
  • Easy to use and clear interface - drag and drop figures intuitively!
  • Import and export images, files, charts, and format objects as you like.
  • The app is tailored to the developers’ needs, so professional users will be delighted with plenty of functions.
  • There is a free trial for every pricing package, so you will know what you pay for.


  • The only disadvantage of FlowMapp is that you will be so fascinated with the tool that will forget about other tasks. 😺

Desktop vs Online

Choosing between online and desktop options might be challenging. However, everything depends on your needs. We recommend using cloud-based apps since:

  • Your projects will be available on any device. You don’t need to have your Mac with you to make edits. iPhone or iPad is enough!
  • Online tools mean more freedom and vast collaboration opportunities.

Also, we’d like to remind you that choosing single-user apps is not recommended. You’ll need collaborative editing for sure. The solution is getting licenses per user or per team. 

Key Takeaways

Flowchart software for Mac is very versatile, though, you may choose something that will help you achieve business goals. It’s up to you whether to use something like Google Docs, which needs lots of time, or Flowmapp, where the whole work is already done for you.

Do you work both on Mac and Windows systems? The latter has its own powerful software, for example, Microsoft Visio — a vector graphics and diagramming app. Learn more about this and other Windows apps from one of our next articles! It is coming soon…