Generally, the retention metric refers to customers, who regularly return to the shop or use the product. In UX, higher retention points on good usability.


It is calculated the following way: 


Retention N = number of visitors in a particular day/number of users, installed the app N days ago * 100%


Meanwhile, there are four various kinds of retention, that shall be accounted here:


  • Rolling retention 
    The most popular way to measure retention. It shows the volume of users coming back in an N-day from the moment of installation or later.
  • Full retention 
    The metric refers to some visitors, coming back to the app every day till N-day.  So, full retention of the 10th day is a percentage of users, who were returning to the app from the first to the 10th day.
  • Return retention 
    Gives a percentage of users, who came back to the app at least once during N-days. As an example, Return retention of 25th day will account for each visitor, used the app any day from the first to 25th.
  • Bracket-dependent return retention 
    It resembles return retention, fixing the number of users who came back to the app at least once in a chosen period. For instance, bracket-dependent return retention from the 15th to 21st days will give the volume of users, opened the app during this period from the time of the installation.

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