5 Tips On Designing UX for Your Email Newsletters
May 5, 2020

UX design is probably not the first thing that you think of when considering email newsletters but it’s really important. You want to engage your users, get their attention and have a good relationship with them and UX design is the best way to do that. Of course, content matters just as much but keep in mind that if you present it poorly, it will not be read. There are many elements that are important for a good UX design. However, you need to keep in mind only a few that will help your email look really amazing and that will impress your audience. Here are some of those tips.


Be Consistent

One of the biggest elements of the UX design is to be consistent with your brand in your email newsletter. When someone looks at your website and your email in comparison, it should be a similar experience in color schemes and overall feel of both elements. Your email newsletter shouldn’t feel too different from your website because this could confuse your reader as to what they signed up for. You need to stay consistent in your voice too. Make sure that you sound like you usually sound. You need to be recognizable to your users in all ways possible. The overall feel of your website should be similar to the feel of your emails.


Make a Design Stand Out

Many designers think that they need to use many complex elements to make a design look good. But this is often not the case, because this is email. You need to consider the form. Complex designs have to work on mobile and desktop equally and this is often not possible. So, you need to use design elements which are minimalistic and focus only on certain elements. For instance, only do your brand colors. You don’t need to make it too complex.“Don’t use too many images either because the email will be slow and they might not show everywhere. Don’t be predictable but also don’t make it too complicated,” says Glen Hubert.


Be Aware of the Limitations

Your email needs to look good both on desktop and on mobile devices. More subscribers will see the email on their phone, but the dimensions and possibilities of devices vary so you need to keep that in mind. The most important thing is that it’s readable and that the users can use all functions properly. Many customers use technologies which can’t really show your email well, so keep this in mind when making an email. You need to keep all sorts of devices and browsers in mind.


Make Sure That the Legal Requirements are Fulfilled

UX design is important, but so are all of the legal requirements. The design and content should be all up to legal policies and it can’t be spam. There should be a visible unsubscribe button and an address at the end of the email. Look up some local laws as well, if you want to make sure that everything is truly legal.


Make Your Newsletters Fun

People often make the mistake of only sending promotional emails. But the email newsletters should be fun and entertaining as well as useful. People should be happy to read your email. They should be able to find a use in it and not be annoyed by it. Send welcome emails, mix in the promotions and content, interesting articles from the niche.

Create good content, add interesting links to other good articles, address recent events in the industry, send updates and so on. “There are many things to do with your email besides share promotional things all the time and you should harness this and use it for your own benefit. People should really feel like they made a good decision when they joined,” says Susan Hill, UX designer.

Finally, these have been some of the best tips when it comes to UX design of your emails. Make them look consistent with your brand, make the design simple yet attractive and make sure that the content you share is good and useful. You should also make sure that everything is legal. Most of all, give the people that subscribed what they hoped they would get.