Collaborate with FlowMapp and Slack
May 5, 2020

Get instant notifications in Slack when changes are made to projects in FlowMapp. Integrating FlowMapp and Slack allows you to keep various groups on Slack updated about the status of your sitemap and user flow Projects. You can use FlowMapp’s notification system to keep your team in sync with Project changes.


Ways to Use Integration

You know how everything works, but this how it works for FlowMapp clients:

  • «Did Matt add new content to «Uno» Project?».
  • «When website structure will be ready to start Design stage?».
  • «Is everything ok for content plan creation?».
  • «Have John created all website pages to upload client’s files?».
  • «Managers from client side have left few comments on new Project, please take a look!».
  • «User Flow has been updated by Cindy, let’s discuss new flows.»


Integrate Easily

Just follow few simple steps to connect your Slack channel.

Only the Project owner has the permission to integrate with Slack. The Projects shared with you would not contain integration icon. Communications + Team = great new products!Feel free to ask any questions at