FlowMapp 2.0
August 14, 2021

Hey, everybody! We know you haven’t seen any big updates for quite a while, and you’re probably thinking: “is FlowMapp still alive?”

Yes, we are alive and well. Our team is growing and our product is evolving. But at some point, we realized that the product couldn’t scale well on the existing technology, development stack, and frameworks.

We want to increase productivity and improve the user experience, as well as add new features that a collaboration platform should have. Unfortunately, this effort took us longer than we had planned.

‍So, what changes can you expect from the updated platform?

  • Collaboration. Improved online intra-team interaction. Users will be able to see every change in the project online.
  • Content. Working with content will be improved thanks to a new text editor.
  • Performance. Working with the platform on the updated engine, you will feel the difference from the very first moment — literally.
  • Team spaces. We are also changing the concept of organizing team spaces. Now the teams will be organized like Slack’s workspaces. Workspaces users will also be able to configure user rights with more flexibility.
  • Product. Faster implementation of new features.
  • UI. With the release of the new platform, we are starting the process of updating interfaces, improving and simplifying your FlowMapp experience.

Also, in the near future, you will see a lot of new integrations, features and improvements. We will not reveal all the secrets at once — join our community or follow us on Twitter to stay in touch!


The FlowMapp Team