FlowMapp. Easy planning sitemap tool
May 5, 2020

FlowMapp is a new developer's tool for creating visual maps of websites. This tool is very effective for planning the development of a site, and it allows all the participants in the process to cooperate with each other, which makes the workflow easier and more convenient.

Our team simplifies the work at each stage, making the creation of a sitemap comprehensible to the client and quick for the developer. Now your sitemap, regardless of the complexity of the project, can be created in minutes. The time saved in the development of the most complex projects ranges from 20 to 30%.


Sitemap Features

Some very useful features in FlowMapp include:

  1. A simplified procedure for registration and commencement of work.
  2. The ability to automate the process of creating a project, from setting its title to the description of the project itself and its internal pages.
  3. The ability to add a project description for all tariff plans without switching to additional modules.
  4. The opportunity to invite the customer to the project at any stage for teamwork. Each participant has the opportunity to comment and edit the structure and description of the pages of the future site.
  5. The ability to download external files within the same project without moving to additional modules.
  6. A simple procedure for deleting unnecessary information in one click.
  7. Project Monitoring. This function allows you to see any activity of each participant for all projects: from new comments to creating new cards.

FlowMapp has an attractive interface. It contains descriptions of the pages, each of which can be discussed with any or all project participants in real time. The created sitemap may be edited quickly, at any time. For individual pages it is possible to download files and descriptions. Sites can be shared with colleagues or with customers.


Clean and Easy Tool

Each project can be managed collectively, and anyone can invite and/or delete participants at his or her own discretion. At the same time, the number of participants allowed in the development process is unlimited.

There is nothing unneeded in this tool. Only the most necessary functions are provided. You get a clean interface, a swift workflow, and nice animations. Our design does not interfere with one's ability to use the tool easily and often. Such pleasant touches as expanded and reduced size of the page cards (useful for small monitors), the ability to select unique templates for each page, easily searchable labels for all pages, swift creation of labels, and zoom cards - all these capabilities will make the website development process efficient and productive at all stages.

One of the main distinctions of this new tool is its convenience. All the necessary elements for creating a sitemap are collected in one product: projects, maps, descriptions, and the SEO-module. Developers no longer need to switch from module to module, wasting precious time unnecessarily.


User Experience in Development

The founder of FlowMapp, Andrey Severin, said this: "The decision to make this service came after our team summarized the problems that our clients and colleagues - web designers, web developers, information system architects, optimizers – all faced in their work. We know that the development of websites is creativity and the pursuit of technical excellence at the same time. This is a complex process involving many people. The design phase is the most tiring for customers, because they want to see the layouts of a new site as soon as possible, but at the same time they have to spend a lot of personal time looking at boring tables, lists, schemes and agreeing about the slightest changes. We realized that we have enough expertise to solve this problem. That's why FlowMapp was developed, to not only improve the quality of communication between the customer and developers, but also to give everyone involved the opportunity to see the entire project at an early stage and show the scale of future changes. At the same time, all work processes are greatly simplified and overall efficiency is improved. We are sure that a great many of our colleagues will highly appreciate our product and will include FlowMapp in the main stack of used technologies for website development."