If You Have Never Worked Remotely
May 5, 2020

Hi! I'm Mila, UI Designer here in FlowMapp, and I have been working remotely for 7 years.
And today I am going to prove to you that working remotely is possible and maybe really effective and pleasant if you have the right attitude. Here are 7 tips that help me to work remotely that you may take into consideration.


1. Organize Working Place

Try to find a nice and calm place at home where you can do your work. Sure, you may sit on the bed leaning upon the pillow. But soon you'll realize that you cannot concentrate and about to fall asleep. That's why I strongly recommend you to sit on a chair and put your PC on a table.

Though I believe that soon after some time you will google recommendations how to change your working place into the best one. So at least you may anticipate the wide and spacy table that would accommodate a big monitor and/or laptop, keyboard. Some designers would need extra space for tablets. You may also like the idea to have some space to put your earphones, smartphone, notebook, perhaps, some books. In one word, anything that you think may come in handy.

Eddie Lobanovskiy, Eve at her st Kilda studio, and Cate St Hill
Eddie Lobanovskiy, Eve at her st Kilda studio, and Cate St Hill


2. Follow the Same Daily Routine

Follow the same daily routine as you used to do when you were attending the office. It is not a good thing to wake up and stick to your work right away from a bed. Usually, I wake up 2 hours before my working day starts just to have some time for myself: I take shower, do my morning exercises, cook some breakfast, chat with my family and friends  or read a book.

Collecting inspirations in Eagle read more about Eagle in our previous article) looking through Dribbble, Behance, Siteinspire,, Onepagelove, Httpster, Collectui, Pinterest may make you want to do some shots or concepts to boost your portfolio. Some designers take this time to boost their Dribbble accounts preparing shots of the projects they once made. Others dive into professional education and take some courses in illustration, 3D graphics, webflow or read books on the topics in which they feel they have a gap. You may be also interested in reading some UX cases or even start to learn drawing.

It is really nice to start like that. You used to spend that time in a rush and your way to the office but now you can spend it on yourself. Isn't it a positive thing about remote work?


3. Discipline

Try not to distract while working just not to make a mess of working hours and time for vocation. This means that the working hours are for work and time for rest is time for rest. And it would be better if at the end of the working day you just get up and go away from your computer. It does not matter what you do: wash dishes, talk to your partner or better go for a walk with your dog. Such an approach to remote work brings order to your life and feeling of calmness.


4. Look Neat

Wear comfortable but not very homely clothes. This may sound weird but it really helps to feel organized. Forget about pijama or towels on your head. Comfortable jeans and casual T-shirt or long sleeved T-shirt would do, warm socks if your feet feel cold. But if some other clothes motivates you to stay tuned and organized, it is up to you. I like how Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist and author of Dress Your Best Life, tells Bustle (Publisher In Modern Media):

“You don’t have to wear a suit and tie in your home, but perhaps wearing a T-shirt and a blazer,” Karen suggests. “It’s okay to wear the same outfit that you wore the day before, especially if you were only in it for just a few hours. This is just to lessen decision fatigue. I would also say take the time to wear an outfit that you always wanted to wear to work, but perhaps due to your work restrictions, you’re not allowed to wear that particular outfit. Have fun and play in your closet during this time away from work”.

“I would also say take the time to wear an outfit that you always wanted to wear to work, but perhaps due to your work restrictions, you’re not allowed to wear that particular outfit. Have fun and play in your closet during this time away from work”

Outfits to wear when you work from home
Get inspired by Sarah’s Outfits for work from home


5. Take 5 minutes Rest

Do not forget to take a little advantage of working remotely: you've got a splendid opportunity to give your back some rest and take 3-5 minutes break just stretching your body on the bed, sofa or even floor. 5 minutes break like that and you are ready to move on with your tasks. My colleagues shared with me that to relax they switch to another task or project or just stare at beautiful landscapes (if any).‍


6. Enjoy Your Meal

Yes, you have a break for lunch. Do not forget to enjoy your meal or take your dog for a short walk (if you have any) or throw litter.


7. Besides Work

Find your personal thing that gives you joy and has some sense for you immediately. If we need to sit at home most of the time we just need to find something that would "charge our batteries" and inspire us. Perhaps, you have not had enough time for tidying up, reading, watching films, spending time with your kids, studying. So, just take your time.

On weekends you may take into account one training that Julia Cameron described in her book “The Artist's Way”. The training is called “artist date”. The essence of the date is that you have to spend some time on yourself and do this time everything to cherish the artist inside of you. You may go shopping for books, attend some master class, visit a beautiful cafe or gallery, or take some excursions. This is going to inspire you, evoke enthusiasm and childish delight. These feelings are going to be your fuel to do your best at work and gain your goals.

Book “The Artist's Way” by Julia Cameron
“The Artist's Way”, Julia Cameron



To do one’s work effectively as a designer we should be open for good communication, and it is possible to work successfully from home if you follow the recommendations above. Try to keep balance in your life and take the advantage of the situation we cannot change. And here I would like to cite Dalai Lama: “If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry, and if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use”.