Shopping for Digital Designers
July 20, 2020

If you have a friend of yours who is doing digital design for a living or want to do something that could cheer you up in these times of coronavirus, you might like to look through these ideas.


1. T-shirt with Humorous Message on It

Any attractive attire that gives a hint about the profession but in a playful manner.

T-shirt with Humorous Message
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2. Smartphone Case

The fans of Figma are growing. Why not refresh the view of your smartphone by a new smartphone case with the logo of favorite software

Smartphone case with Figma logo
Smartphone case with Figma logo


3. Sticker Pack

Sure, there is no use in these stickers. However, beautiful things do not need to be useful, do they? You may attach these cute stickers just anywhere you like.

Sticker Pack
Buy a Sticker Pack


4. Graphic Tablet by Wacom

You may boost your creativity by learning to draw in the tablet for professional illustrators. As UI/UX designer it enables to draw some sketches just to quickly demonstrate your ideas e.g. as for layout of the future website (it is not an add actually). And to draw sketches you may use Procreate and Ipad. But if you feel that you may want to draw illustrations professionally, you’d better take into consideration tablets produced by Wacom.

Graphic Tablet  wacom
Graphic Tablet 


‍5. Powerful Speaker and Voice Assistant

If you are lonely or like to test technical innovations, you would appreciate experiencing Google Home Assistant. Switch on your favorite music, search for some information asking your loyal assistant about it, or chat with the creature with AI.

Google Home speaker design
Google Home


6. A Design Book

There are many different books on the topic on Amazon. If you are tired of the books about the typography, layout, color combination, etc. or if you are not sure what book to choose as a gift for your friend, buy a book on a common topic. For example, the book may tell about the ways of creative thinking.



7. Backpack for a Laptop

If you are a designer who works remotely or like to change the location of your work, a compact backpack for your laptop would come in handy.

Backpack for Laptop
Backpack for Laptop


8. Tools for Sketching on Paper

Tools for Sketching on Paper

UI Stencils was a discovery for me. The shop has a good range of tools that can make your paper sketching more pleasant and neat, e.g., pocket sketchbooks with dots, website cards, iPhone stickers for whiteboard, special pencils, stainless steel stencils (see the pic above), etc.


9. Eye Massager

Eye Massager design
Eye Massager

Sure, qualitative Retina screens, balanced life with working hours and time for rest help to preserve your eyes, but if nothing helps and your eyes hurt, try eye massager. There are many models. It is better to read testimonials before choosing one.


10. Keyboard Cleaning Brush or Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Dust appears between the buttons of the keyboard from time to time. Wet wipes are not always comfortable to use. Buy a keyboard cleaning brush or keyboard vacuum cleaner. The second variant is even better. Yes, it is not the most necessary thing, but there is a special sort of pleasure to realize that this small gadget absorbs every speck of dirt.

Keyboard Cleaning Brush
Keyboard Cleaning Brush


11. Power Bank

Power Banks
Power Banks

If you often forget about charging your phone or you like traveling, and there is not always a possibility to charge it, but you have to be in touch with your clients, then power bank is a handy thing to have. You may choose any of your taste.


12. Thick Yoga Pad

Even if you do sports, it is vital to do minor exercises every day before working day or even in the middle of it to stretch your back. Choose the thick, soft pad as it is more comfortable to do exercises on it.

Thick NBR Yoga Pad
Thick NBR Yoga Pad


13. News Skills and Possibilities

Illustration by Anna Maksimenko
Illustration by Anna Maksimenko

UX/UI design is a dynamic domain, continually evolving. The best gift is to improve your skills. If you present design courses, it may be the best gift, especially those that you have been longing for a long time.

The ideas and the links on the products were given just as examples. It is up to you what models to choose. Tools may not replace self-discipline in mastering and evolving in digital design. The things make your life more comfortable and easier but cannot solve all the problems and tasks. Thank you for the reading till the end.