The Best Tool for Managing Your Design Inspirations Ever
May 5, 2020

Work with inspirations takes much of my time as a UI designer. And there is no wonder because I have them everywhere: Dribble, Pinterest, Behance, and Figma (add your variant). “Oh, some nice design assets must be in that project for an Upwork client in Figma, I guess”… Yep, that is kind of thinking process I have to waste my energy on.If you have the same problem, you might be interested to know that there is a software that is going to put an end to those inconveniences.

Eagle is a desktop-based software that focuses on “Collect, Organize, Search” of your design assets. Now I just want to share with you why I find it useful.

1. Everything is in one place

I do not need to do those abundant clicks any more: open Behance / Pinterest / Dribble, one-click on my profile, another click on my collections, the third click on the piece of work, fourth click to save it on my PC, then drag it to Figma… Ufff. Too many clicks, isn’t it? And too many distractions on the way.But with the software, I do not need to switch between the websites any more or keep open all those web pages with inspirations just because everything in one place.

2. I can organize my personal sorting system

In Eagle, I have everything sorted by categories (e.g. blogs, news websites, layouts, etc.) and by tags (galleries, testimonials, user profiles, menus, etc.). And the images are searched within 0.5 seconds.[nbsp]

Sorting by tags
Sorting by tags

3. See any image in detail without additional clicking

To see any inspiration closer in Pinterest, for instance, I have to double-click it before I can see it in detail. In Eagle, I can choose any image and zoom in with a zoom tool.

Image zoom
Image zoom

4. Drag and drop

I like the possibility to drag and drop an asset directly from the source to the program without even opening it.

Drag and drop tool
Drag and drop tool

5. Sorting even by color and font

All right, guys, I am still in the process of exploring its functions but I know that it allows sorting even by color and font.

6. Make up your own way to use the software

Hmm, maybe if you are fond of photography as me, you may organize your photos in Eagle, as well.Moreover, I foresee to use Eagle for collecting images with beautiful interiors for my future home.

The software also might come in handy for:

  • Concept Artists,
  • Graphic Designers,
  • Motion Graphic Designers,
  • Product Managers,
  • Operation Managers,
  • PowerPoint Designers.


Globally, it grants me the possibility to create my collections of super cool assets which will help to develop good taste in design.