Visual Sitemap Tools Comparison
May 5, 2020

In this article, we will compare three tools that will help you create a visual Sitemap. A Sitemap displays the site’s structure graphically. It simplifies the process of forming a technical task and lets the team integrate into the project quicker. The three tools that will be compared in this article are FlowMapp, OmniGraffle, and SlickPlan. Each tool has its own advantages and will surely find its users among our readers.


Let us start with our own project, the FlowMapp tool:

FlowMapp logo

FlowMapp is a powerful tool that allows to create a visual Sitemap, to project a flowchart, to form project documentation and acts as cloud storage for project files. As developers of this tool, we believe that FlowMapp is a ‘must’ for UX specialists and managers. FlowMapp is designed to meet the requirements of a large number of users, UX strategists, UI and product designers. A natural and easy-to-use interface and demonstrative project overview allow you to easily coordinate the Sitemap with any Client, and a convenient project file storage will make you forget about using Dropbox and Google Drive.

FlowMapp site map


OmniGraffle logo

Omnigraffle is a multi-purpose tool for creating different layouts, including the Sitemap creation. Omnigraffle’s versatility is both its positive and a negative side. After running Omnigraffle, you basically get a graphics editor that lets you create layouts by using templates. Another downside is a complex interface that cannot be mastered quickly, and you will have to spend your time in order to learn it. Therefore, it is questionable whether or not to use it when it comes down to a Sitemap creation. You also can’t share the files and work as a team using this program.



SlickPlan logo

SlickPlan lets you create the Sitemap and also makes teamwork possible. A remarkable feature of SlickPlan is its ability to customize each graphic file, giving the opportunity to brand the sitemap.



Dynomapper logo

DYNO Mapper is a sitemap development tool. It features a comment system, opening up an opportunity to work as a team. There is also a Drag-and-drop function and three different customization styles for your website, allowing you to add the logo and change the sitemap color scheme.



WriteMaps logo

WriteMaps has an intuitive interface and allows to create up to three sitemaps for free. Like other tools mentioned earlier, WriteMaps also supports sitemap color scheme customization. There is also a feature to archive your old projects and export them as PDF or XML.


Gloomaps logo

Gloomaps is one of the most simple tools of sitemap creation. Although its functionality is not very advanced, it may satisfy the designer’s needs when dealing with some small projects. The interface strongly resembles a particular lo-fi prototype design tool -

For a more detailed tool overview, we have prepared a convenient spreadsheet where the tools’ functions and cost are compared.


In Conclusion

In order to save yourself from unnecessary costs when making a decision to start using a new service, it is important to clearly understand why you need it. This kind of approach will help to save your time and money. If you want a powerful tool that allows a teamwork environment, allows you to build the Sitemap and flowchart, communicate with the Client and store the source code – you should go with the FlowMapp.

However, if your need for a Sitemap is situational, does not imply teamwork, and if the layouts you work with are much more complicated than just the Sitemap and flowchart, then Omnigriffle will suit you better. We always welcome every user’s feedback that helps us develop the best tool in the field of creating visual sitemaps. Always waiting for your comments on