Design as a tool for visual education

Agnese ViolaCommunication design student at Polimi

As a graphic and communication designer, I've always felt a lot of responsibility when dealing with interfaces, as they potentially give me the power to reach many different people.

With this opportunity, we should always try and step away from the deep awareness of our context, an aesthetical and critical consciousness of the complexity in which we operate. In a world already crowded with content, it is our responsibility to carefully choose what to put out there. We should avoid adding unnecessary things that do not add value to the concept they communicate.


I believe that a conscious, structured design project has the potential not only to add beauty to the world but gradually re-educate it.

Agnese Viola
Communication design student at Polimi
Agnese is a communication design student and freelance graphic designer, with a passion for research and transdisciplinary practice, especially within the academic fields of visual culture and philosophy

As an agency, we often use FlowMapp. We particularly like the persona builder, the sitemap tool and the flow diagrams. We've used these three features across lots of projects, and it's great that we can invite clients so they get a truly collaborative exp
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