Doubts And Mentor’s Role In Them

Aleksandr MikhedovJunior UI/UX Designer at FlowMapp

I was dreaming about a mentor while studying design at school. I truly believed that there was a man ready to teach me everything. I think I had this illusion after watching “Whiplash” — a film about a young drummer and his tyrant mentor (the film is highly recommended). It seemed to me that only through this difficult and painful relationship I could achieve something.

After graduation, I wanted to create the “best work in my life,” but I lacked knowledge, so I asked for help from an art director I had known for a while. He wasn’t a tyrant and gave pretty useful advice, but a few harsh words were enough to put my work off and forget about it for some time. A mentor from a different project made me remember this unfinished project. He asked me to show my work. He almost forced me to finish it and post it on my Behance. That work won a reward.


What is this story about? Doubts and mentors that help you get rid of them. A mentor can not only give you conceptual edits but also take a different look at your work and maybe give it a new life. But for this to happen, you must feel that it is “your person” that his words reach you, give you energy and strengthen faith in yourself. If you feel better and see the real changes, then you are on the right path.

Aleksandr Mikhedov
Junior UI/UX Designer at FlowMapp
Aleksandr is a UI/UX designer here in FlowMapp who believes in the power of typography and the importance of details

Works in FlowMapp and uses Flowchart and Sitemap daily. He particularly likes collaborative features that allow the design team to speed up workflow. Excited to show FlowMapp 2.0 to everyone!
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