Choose Rationality Over Perfection

Alexandre BeaurepaireLead Generation Specialist at

I've seen it a lot through my professional experiences and daily monitoring of what is being done: perfection is often prioritized over rationality, at least in terms of design quality. Designers are constantly inundated with ideas, inspiration and standards set by other people, by different trends.


This impacts our vision and can reinforce us in a too strong certainty about our work. I think it is essential to constantly confront our ideas with real users and people unfamiliar with the project, especially when we strongly believe to be right. 


Comforting our ideas of a "good" design can quickly move us away from the main objective: a logical and rational user experience, no matter if it's visual or experiential. The worst thing that can happen is an irrational production, detached from the real expectations of those for whom we build it.


Thus, I believe that good design, whether seen or experienced, isn't supposed to be primarily flawless and immaculate. It has to be rational.

Alexandre Beaurepaire
Lead Generation Specialist at is a technology startup that helps elevator maintenance companies to increase their performances and modernize outdated elevator experience by using AI

Uses FlowMapp regularly in his work to design smooth and efficient customer journey workflows
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