The Path is More Important Than the Goal

Bohdan DolgopolskiProduct Designer at FlowMapp

Long ago, I went into product design, realizing the opportunity of getting immersed in the analysis and the high level of responsibility that comes with that. This apparent "total freedom" was very tempting. 


After some time, I started noticing that my entire design could now be calculated using mathematical formulas. The team and the product achieved the right KPIs, but within the word "creation," the word "ambition" disappeared – the user's current needs completely defeated the "dream."


Jigsaw fell into place when I remembered a lecture by Ludwig Bystronovsky on "super-goal." The essence of this theory is that if you set a difficult but exciting dream goal, the result you reach in the end will be higher than if you'd assessed your real capabilities at the start


I believe that design can be perceived as a sport where you don't necessarily need to win gold medals to be a good athlete, but it is imperative to strive for gold medals, becoming stronger in this endeavor. The Samurai code of ethics states that the path is more important than the goal, and I stand by it.

Bohdan Dolgopolski
Product Designer at FlowMapp
Bohdan is a Product Designer based in Kyiv / Krakow who focuses on heavy interfaces and frequent & deep testing of product hypotheses

Uses current versions of User Flow & CJM tools to design new FlowMapp services
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