How Customer Care Can Help With UX

Brandon W. MosleyUX Lead at Valley Bank

Without visibility into the customer experience, it's difficult to know where problems in a product/service are and how to solve them strategically. 


So I created a journey map of our bank loan payment experience, which presented opportunities to streamline communication, customer engagement, and technology. As a UX designer, I must understand the problem, especially from a user's perspective. And to achieve this, I collaborated with cross-functional teams to surface the pain points customers experience while attempting to pay a loan. 


The most significant a-ha moment came about from looking at the other side of the coin and engaging with our customer care and service teams. After all, they are users too. And they helped me present a holistic view of improving our customer experience from a service design perspective.

Brandon W. Mosley
UX Lead at Valley Bank
Brandon is a UX Lead in New York City. His knowledge of front-end backs his expertise in UX and visual design. He is a big advocate of design thinking and believes a creative strategy is fundamental to building better user experiences

Has used FlowMapp for the past two years to map user experiences and task flows.
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