Happiness Makes a Designer Productive, not Vice Versa

Lisa OreshkinaDesigner and co-founder of The Breakfast app

Overworking and being ready for new tasks 24/7 might be a good start for a newbie, but it will shape you into a burnt-out pessimist in the long run.


The major skill of a designer is to rethink things, and there is no way you can reimagine and rethink anything while depressed. So the key lesson I learned for myself is that it is crucial to thoughtfully add new impressions, events, and people to my weekly routine. 


This way, I get energized and inspired by new things. It is the shortest and the most natural way to direct one’s knowledge, creativity, and motivation into a productive workflow. Leave some free space for thinking it all over in silence though!

Lisa Oreshkina
Designer and co-founder of The Breakfast app
Lisa has 15 years of professional experience as an information and digital product designer. She co-founded 3 companies in the past years and now focuses solely on building a new kind of social app — The Breakfast

As a team, we are onboarding FlowMapp with a goal to redesign our website structure. The sitemap tool looks super intuitive and promising for this particular job!
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