Flexibility Needs Structure

Masoumeh AsadiProduct Designer at IceFlex

One of the strategies that help me in different projects is following the idea of MVP (minimum viable product) that can be used by early customers or your coworkers. My ideal workflow is to break the project into phases and receive feedback at the end of each step. But I discovered that reality could be more complex than that. There might be several projects going on in the company and sometimes you need to deliver the project even if there are no feedback sessions available.

Your well-defined structure of the work can help you be more flexible. It might take a long time and slow you down, but the workflow will be much more sustainable to come back to it at any time without feeling panicked. I set a series of steps for completing the project and shared it to receive feedback.

What’s more, when I have to continue even without fixing the previous step, I leave the breadcrumbs having this reminder in my mind and remember that it is always possible to come to some steps before, make changes, and continue the journey!

Masoumeh Asadi
Product Designer at IceFlex
Masoumeh is a product designer from Iran working in Italy, she works on redesigning and developing software in terms of usability and user experience. With her background in diverse fields of Design and Engineering, she is seeking a way to perform the des

Uses sitemaps and personas in her personal and work projects
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