Find a Balance Between Necessity and Perfection

Zoe PridayHead of Design at DCS Digital

If your design career started as mine did, with a degree, you probably left university with a few misconceptions of how different designing in the real world is compared to the projects you worked on at uni. 


One key thing I learned very quickly when entering the industry is that no matter how much of a perfectionist you are, you must be able to work within budgets and time constraints – on occasions, the need for speed is far greater, and there simply isn't room for perfectionism. Second to this, though, is the realization that this is okay. In an ideal world, we'd like every project we work on to be worthy of a top spot in our portfolio, but, in reality, the most important thing is that the result fulfills the client's needs on time and budget. There's always going to be a project that you're more proud of than others.


Having the time and budget to evolve a project until it is 'perfect' is a luxury not to be taken for granted. Always try to cut down time spent up either side of the creative process so that you have maximum time to let your ideas flourish.

Zoe Priday
Head of Design at DCS Digital
Zoe is an experienced designer working with both national and international clients, striving to take their websites to the next level through design, technology, and optimization

As an agency, we often use FlowMapp. We like the persona builder, the sitemap tool and the flow diagrams. We've used these three features across lots of projects, and it's great that we can invite clients so they get a truly collaborative experience
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