Synonyms: collaboration, cooperation, contribution, co-design, customer co-creation, tinkering, submitting

Co-creation is a practice of value-based collaboration between stakeholders and users to generate value.


Designed by Max Tkachenko


«create an uproar»

Co-creation requires you to provide customers and at times, non-customers ownership, by giving them a seat at the design table. Journey may be different, but there is one thing that must be consistent – and that’s commitment. Because, in the eyes of a consumer, there is nothing worse today than a company that makes a promise it doesn’t end up following through on:

  1. Low scale usage
  2. Not a lot of self-criticism
  3. Co-creators upsets
  4. Angry members
  5. Destruction
  6. Willful mockage
  7. Deliberate harm
  8. Brand bullying

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