Creeping Featurism

Synonyms: feature creep, featuritis, feature cascade

Creeping Featurism is the addition of more and more features to a product, not because of the needs of users, but in pursuit of competitors. These additional features go beyond the original plan and lead to product overload and design complexity. The term is most commonly used in software and hardware development.


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1. The pressure of competition. 

A competing company is adding new features to its products in order to match the existing supply and demand and even surpass the competitors' products.


2. Customer are pulled in by lots of functionalities and by new technologies.

The consumers want the product to have more capabilities, more features, more functions.


3. Reduced sales.

The market is saturated, and to make people want to buy a product, new features are added to it.


4. Satisfying an endless list of customer wishes.

May go beyond the scope of the project.

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