Customer Loyalty

One of the goals for each business project is to get a clientele that sticks with your product despite plenty of others. This can be called “customer loyalty”, which can be provided with great UX-hence consistently positive emotions about your app.


There are many ways to drive a positive experience to your clients and make them advocate for your product. The best ones are social engagement and referrals.



You may also use some tricks below to work out a better customer loyalty:

  • Create a better service. Try to satisfy the customers’ needs and let them reach their purposes easily and conveniently;
  • Rewards program can be helpful. Clients will always be interested and motivated with bonuses, discounts or points and miles that they can accumulate;
  • Add some extras. Additional services can highlight your product among competitors and convince your customers to come back;
  • Build a meaningful relationship. By having a good UX you may send a message to your users that you care about them and want to provide tailor-made experience to each user, not just sell another product (even if it’s really good);
  • Test your designs. This is an obvious point, but it is always helpful reminding yourself to stick to usability rules and make a better impression about your product;
  • The last but not the least: don’t forget, the customer is always right! :)

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